Event History

Date Bands Venue Cost Flyer
Saturday, April 28th Burl, Telepathic Lines, Broken Things, Orbiter Nobby’s $5
Sunday, March 4th Gris Gris Boys, Minimum Rage, Burl Planet Sarbez $5
Tuesday, February 20th Shellshag, John Hays, Minimum Rage, 86 Hope, Flood Reactor, Canadian Lunch Money Nobby’s $5
Wednesday, October 25th Maladroit, Lost Love, Manic Pixi, Kid You Not, Mental Boy Planet Sarbez $5
Saturday, September 23rd Reels, Severed + Said, Virgin Flower, Strangerwolf, Gris Gris Boys, Uncle Marty Planet Sarbez Free
Saturday, September 23rd Kid You Not, Mock Toxins, Dylan Nirvana & The Bad Flowers, Mental Boy, I Came From Earth Nobby’s Free
Friday, September 22nd Constant Swimmer, Space Heaters, Grand Paxton Band, Kenny & the Jets, The Good Bad Kids, Ema Chiswell, Tom McKelvey Planet Sarbez Free
Friday, September 22nd Tubers, 86 Hope, Teresa Rose, Heat Rash, Bite Marks, Waylon Thorton & the Heavy Hands, Lilac Angel, The Reinhards Nobby’s Free
Saturday, September 16th Sladicidal, Debt Neglector, Mudtown, Whiskey Face, 5 Cent Psychiatrist, Rip Junior Nobby’s Free
Sunday, September 10th Telepathic Lines, Small Reactions, Pohgoh, DieAlps!, Hardship Anchors, Communist Radio Planet Sarbez Free
Saturday, September 9th No PDA, Shea Birney, Kings Canvas, The Pemberwicks, Kaleb Stewart Planet Sarbez Free
Friday, September 8th Groove Orient, Mustard, Observatory, Light Elixir, Brent McGuffin, Duffy Bishop Planet Sarbez Free
Friday, September 8th Flagged Van, Kyra Livingston, Salt & Pine, Mai Tatro & the Moonlight Drive-In, Jordan Henley & the Nars, Jesse’s Girls Nobby’s Free
Sunday, September 3rd Degreaser, Mental Boy, Scraps, 86 Hope Planet Sarbez $5
Wednesday, August 30th Death Valley Girls, Telepathic Lines, Dead Bugs Planet Sarbez $5
Tuesday, August 29th Deaf Poets, Peyote Coyote, Reels Nobby’s
Sunday, August 27th Community Center, The Young Step, Calciver Planet Sarbez $6
Friday, August 25th Breaking the Silence 2017 Breaking the Silence 2017 $10
Friday, August 25th Telepathic Lines, LAPĂȘCHE, Ghost Tropic, Reels Grower’s Alliance Cafe Free
Thursday, August 17th Rude Dude and the Creek Freaks, Reels, 86 Hope Planet Sarbez $5
Sunday, July 30th Ten Volt Shock, YC-CY, Tubers, Early Disclaimers Planet Sarbez $5-$8